Design, manufacturing and sale of the personal protective equipment

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Аbout Us

Suksun Optical and Mechanical Plant ROSOMZ is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of modern and highly effective personal protective equipment for head, eyes, face, hearing and respiratory system.

Today Suksun Optical and Mechanical Plant – is an enterprise of full production run: engineering, manufacturing, testing and sale of PPE – all the stages are handled by the plant.

ROSOMZ professional team is comprised of 700 people.

The team of such specialists as new PPE engineering service (engineers, technologists, designers), tooling service, manufacturing unit, modern logistics center, sales managers, quality assurance services effectively operate at the plant.

Today ROSOMZ produces more than 700 items: protective spectacles, goggles, including items with corrective effect, face shields, welding helmets, ear muffs, safety helmets, PPE sets, filtering PPE of respiratory system, protective and heat-proof clothes. We have implemented the latest technologies of logotypes application with pad printing.

Quality management system complying with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.

Modern equipment, advanced technologies and professional team – all this gives us an opportunity to maintain high level of production, commitment to permanent improvement.